Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Make and Take Projects

It is here sisters! The Make and Take night where we get to be crafty and have fun with one another.  Come one, come all for a Relief Society girls night.   

Sept 26
6pm till we are through
Lindsay building

Sign up sheets are in front of the Relief Society room on Sundays or you can email Marianne Smith at mariannesmith50@yahoo.com or Kelsey Garside at kgarside12@gmail.com.  Just tell them what you want to make and how many.  They will be collecting money.  They would prefer cash but you can bring a check and make it out to Marianne Smith. 
If there is any money left over after the night, it will go to a needy family in the ward during the holidays.  

Boo and Eek are $3. They are reversible so it's like 2 for 1!

Reversible Christmas and Halloween countdown blocks- One side says, Spooky Countdown, while the other says, Joyful Countdown. $5 for one side and 2 blocks or $8 for both sides with 4 blocks.

Nativity Sillhouette- $6 without stocking holders, with stocking holders- $22 because that is the very cheapest I could find them. That is the cost at 40% off at Hobby Lobby.   If anyone can find them cheaper, let me know.  Marianne @ 480-209-9935

GIVE THANKS banner- $6 one sided, $8 two-sided

Joseph and Mary $4. Grey or Brown?

Spooky blocks- $8

Coffee Filter Wreath- $5

Frame- Photo display- $8. We will have black or cream paint for these but if you want another color feel free to bring it that evening.  This is cute for pictures or to clip recipes or "to do" list, etc.   

Jingle Bell Pillow- $6. Will have red, rusty, and gold bells to choose from.

Christmas Placemats- $2 each.  *Need to have some sewing skills.  Batting and Christmas color fabric will be provided.  If you wish to do yours in a different color or fabric, bring your own batting and fabric and complete this project for free!

Trick or Treat blocks- $8. Blocks without ghosts- $4.  Ghost only- $4 (to be worn as a pin)

Jennifer Clancy's crafts:
Tree- $6.50 for Christmas or Thanksgiving

 Thread Art- $5

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cleaning and FHE

I know there are some ladies in the ward that just have no motivation to clean their house because it's beyond help or they're too busy.  I found this website on Pinterest and it has a printable cleaning calendar.  It tells you what to do daily, weekly, and a once a week chore.  The lady spends 20-30 minutes a day on a 1,500 sq ft apartment.  I dare you to try this for a week!  Here is the website:   

When there is a clean house, it invites the spirit. 

We had a great lesson this Sunday (Aug.26) on teaching our children.  It made me think of some good ideas for FHE.  Here is a FHE idea for children to put together the Family Proclamation.  Then you can talk about the family.  

Cheryl A Esplin: "Teaching our children to understand is more than just imparting information.  It's helping our children get the doctrine into their hearts in a way that it becomes part of their very being and is reflected in their attitudes and behavior throughout their lives."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mother/Daughter Night

Everyone that came had a great time making a picture frame and eating ice cream sundaes.  Sister Trish Oliver gave a great lesson on mothers.  If you were not able to make it we missed you and hope you come to the next activity.  Here are some pictures.

The ice cream booth, thanks to Sister Storme Hall.

 The photo booth, thanks to Sister Janet Bell.



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More summer fun

Going to the library is a great summer thing to do.  The books are free and you can get a ton at one time!  Here is a list of some books that build character for kids...

Here is another thing you can with kids that would be fun.  Hand shadows and other objects...
Want to make a wash cloth for someone?  Here is the pattern...
 knitted washcloths (free pattern)

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No more Fun Fridays

Since Sarah Foote will be leaving the ward :-( there will be no more Fun Fridays.
If anyone wants to take over, leave a comment or let the presidency know and I'm sure they would be fine with that. :-)

Summer Fun

Don't know what to do this summer? I found some things on Pinterest. If you have not looked at pinterest, you are missing out because there are TONS of great things there. I follow LDS Mormons and there are over 1,000 pins.

Here is something you can make with your kids during the summer.


Here is a book you might like...
Heaven Help Us!  A Humorous Look at WomanhoodIf anyone has read it, please post a comment so that others can know if it's a good book.

If you feel like cleaning your microwave because who knows when you last cleaned it, here is a website that will help you clean your microwave in 2 MINUTES! Just water and vinegar.
Clean your microwave in 5 minutes with water and vinegar: before and after

Have a great week!